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On August 19, 2006, I went back to the unit because of something. At about 10:30 am, it was just the meeting time, but the strange thing is that everyone.It’s strange to get together in the first bed. Usually, the time of the visitor should be to explain the situation to the family of the patient. When I look at it, I see the doctor in the first bed side, I know that it’s not good. Actually, this patient I have been cared for a few days ago. This is a patient with cerebral hemorrhage. I was admitted to hospital on September 12 and was discharged from other hospitals two months ago. It was due to ischemic stroke and was hemorrhagic after one month. Stroke (usually ischemic stroke because the blood vessels are narrow, so it will give anticoagulant drugs, plus the patient has six stents in the heart, there are three blood vessels that normally supply heart nutrients, so the heart function is not good. Well, plus a stroke, the blood vessels have a hardening condition, causing the blood vessels to rupture. In fact, there is no need to open the knife at first, because the bleeding is not big enough to require surgery, the consciousness is also awake, but the hands and feet are weak, but the next day I go Look at work The patient was pushed to open the knife. The patient was more sleepy in the morning, but the coma index did not change. Later, the attending physician felt that he needed to do a brain computerized tomography. As a result, the bleeding was enlarged, so he decided to open the knife urgently. It was finished at 7:00 that evening, usually This kind of bleeding is to saw the skull open, the blood clot can be removed, and at the same time put a drainage tube to drain the blood, but this patient does not have a lot of bleeding, so there is no device to bleed the bleeding water, the wound is also very clean, just It may be because the anesthesia is not awake, so the hands and feet are not lifted up. Everyone thinks that it is a bit strange to go to the next day, but it is a bit strange, but the surgery is also open, so the family members did not say anything, except This problem is also unstable blood pressure. When I first came in, I monitored arterial pressure, just like the previous patient, but it is more special that the patient’s arterial pressure is different from the measured blood pressure by more than 100mmHg. This is relatively rare, but it also means that the blood vessels are really very poorly elastic and the blood pressure is not well controlled, but the attending physician thinks that it is the most at home. I can only measure the general blood pressure, so I don’t care too much about the blood pressure of the arteries. Later, I found that the blood pressure of the arteries actually dropped to 150-160mmHg. The measured blood pressure also fell down, but it was still acceptable. Later, I took a holiday. When I came back the next day, I saw the first aid. At that time, I had added a booster drug. The doctor was massaging the heart with a little bit of massage. Of course, how can I stand by and help, and the normal chest pressure overlaps. Elbows should be straight, one second and two times, one minute to be pressed to 120, the depth is 3-5 inch, meaning that it is useful to have strength, I see the doctor is almost tired (in fact, probably pressed Two or three hundred times, I was panting. I changed my hand and took a moment to press it. I heard a squeaking sound during the process. 


This means that the ribs are broken, and I have almost pressed more than one hundred. I have heard the bones in succession. Broken voice, then everyone tried every means to see if they could save the patient. Later, the doctor said to stop and see if there was any return after the heart massage, while the booster medicine continued to fight again, and then the heartbeat was back. Come… tens of seconds, then stopped again, then I continued to press it again, and it was almost over a hundred times. The doctor stopped, then the heartbeat came back and stopped again. After that, the attending physician came in and said that the family had signed the first aid consent form and could stop. This turned off all the instruments, cleaned the body, replaced the clean clothes, and sent the last one. After a few days, I recalled. Last year’s lunar calendar July 29 is also the ghost door when the doctor is also in this bed emergency patient…


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