Vegetarian food glue

For vegetarian friends, what they are most afraid of is colorless and tasteless food additives, which often make vegetarians eat by mistake without knowing it, such as “edible gum”. I also often worry about eating food ingredients. Repeatedly confirm product composition.

Edible gum is a very common food additive. When added to food, it can add Q’s soft and smooth taste, and can also achieve the effect of bright and solid color, without destroying the original flavor of the food, and can increase satiety.

The commonly used food gums are generally “natural products”. Agar and carrageenan, for example, are extracts of seaweed. Gelatin is made from animal skins or bones by hydrolysis. Ejiao is just different in material selection and technology, and there is no essential difference from gelatin. Such as commercially available pudding, yogurt, chocolate, fudge, capsules and so on. Both contain food gums.

Most of the food glue is vegetarian. There are three main types of plant glue, microbial glue and animal glue.

Vegetable gum, microbial gum: vegetarian

The most commonly used plant gum on the market today is derived from seaweed.Microbial gum is made from synthetic extracellular polysaccharides. Or obtained from amorphous mucus in extracellular fermentation broth. Because of its stable nature, it is not affected by temperature, strong acid and alkali or electrolyte.

Vegetarian edible gum: agar gum, carrageenan gum, seaweed gum (advanced vegetarian capsules), Geely T (cold flour), acacia gum, guanhua bean gum, locust bean gum, caramel, sticky rice gum (vegetable capsules), β-glucan (barley), apple pectin, lemon pectin, corn sugar pectin, gellan gum, cardan gum,etc.

Animal Food Gum: Non-Vegan

Animal glue is cooked from animal skins or bones, such as pork bones, beef bones, and fish bones. It is a by-product of the meat industry and leather industry. Come), “Gelatin” (refined from pig skin), “Ejiao” (refined from donkey skin), “fish gelatin”.

After reading the above food glue. Let us know more about non-vegetarian food glue in life.Enjoy healthy vegetable life

Wish a good life!

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