Vegan hot chocolate

Supermarket or store common chocolate. Seems to be readily available, but do you know where chocolate comes from? Why is it that the black one can let everyone put it down?

Where did the chocolate come from?

The Mayans smashed the cocoa beans into a slurry and put them in a chocolate drink with bitterness and bubbles. At that time, the price of chocolate was not cheap. Only families with some money or the royal family had the opportunity to accept it. The popularity of the chocolate was not high. The application and development of cocoa beans did not really begin until after the invasion of some people and the rise of the Aztec Kingdom.

In the 16th century AD, the main ingredient of Spanish chocolate is cocoa beans, “coconut-like fruit, which will blossom and bear on the trunk”. It originated very early. It was worshiped around, then Montezuma, the last emperor of the Asteca dynasty in Mexico.

The scientific name theobroma has the meaning of “drinks of the gods” and is regarded as a precious strong heart, a diuretic agent. It has an activating effect on the proteolytic enzymes in the gastric juice and can help digestion.

Benefits of chocolate

Good # 1: It helps the heart! ?

Pure chocolate contains flavonoids, a chemical that reduces the stickiness of platelets in the blood and therefore reduces the risk of cardiovascular obstruction. Studies have shown that merging can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by about 29% compared with the group with the least chocolate intake, and especially the female group plays a protective role. A chocolate intake of less than 100 grams per week reduces the risk of heart failure. Higher levels may cause obesity.

Good # 2: Anti-stress

The impact of stress on public health is profound. Researchers associate stress with many diseases, from cardiovascular disease to diabetes and even a variety of cancers. Appropriate pressure is actually an important key to maintaining human survival. Without a stress response, you will become at a loss in the face of any emergency and will not be able to respond immediately (deciding whether to escape or stand up to fight). Chocolate does contain a natural substance called phenylethylamine (PEA). Studies have shown that PEA can produce a love-like response. Studies indicate that ingesting 40 grams of dark and milk chocolate a day for two weeks seems to be an effective way to reduce stress in women.

Good # 3: Delay skin aging

Aging is inevitable. Women’s love of beauty is also innate and cannot be avoided. And aging will definitely bring wrinkles and freckles. This is the mark left by aging on the face. Just to varying degrees.

Cocoa has the effect of resisting sun damage and slowing down the occurrence of wrinkles. The study targeted middle-aged and older women (age range: 43-86 years old. Skin has significant photoaging and photoaging and wrinkles). It was found that at consecutive 12 and 24 weeks, 320 mg of cocoa flavanols were provided daily. A 9% increase in skin elasticity (significant increase in wrinkles) was found, but an 8% increase in wrinkles in the placebo group.

Is chocolate vegetarian?

The ingredients for chocolate are vegetarian. But processed chocolate products must be carefully selected. Products like gelatin are not vegetarian. You can refer to another article:

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