Are you going to have a bowel movement today?

Most constipation stems from bad habits, psychological stress, too little water or fiber food, and drugs. Some are caused by diseases such as intestinal diseases, metabolic or endocrine abnormalities and neuropathy. Lifestyle habits and bowel habits are regular. Drink plenty of water and build exercise habits. From walking, you can alleviate the symptoms of constipation.

Cause constipation

1. If the environment of the toilet makes you feel that it is not safe, it will naturally cause constipation.

2. If the time to go to the toilet is very tight, you will not be able to defecate properly.

3. There is also your eating habits. If the meal is large and large, the fruits and vegetables are too small and constipation.

4.You may also often suppress constipation and cause constipation.

5.If the amount of water is not enough, it will be constipated.

6. No time to defecate.

7. If the perineal muscles are not strong enough, it may cause constipation.

Improve constipation

However, symptoms that cause pain in many people, if not caused by disease, are usually associated with a lack of a high-fiber diet. Add dietary fiber at the right time. You don’t have to do it all, just choose the one that suits you!

1. Keep the toilet clean and proper privacy so you can feel safe. If you are worried about someone peeking all day, how can it come out?

2. Let yourself have time to brew your stools slowly, don’t worry too much, but you don’t want to bring books or newspapers to the toilet to brew. If you sit on the toilet for too long, it can cause anal varices (acne).

3. The diet is mainly high fiber (eat more fruits and vegetables), eat less meat!

4.If you want to defecate, go ahead!Don’t hold back.

5. Every day you need to drink water, at least 2000cc, because the food from the mouth to the rectum must be at least 24 hours, the water in the middle will slowly absorb, so if you drink too little water, it will become dry, naturally less The water is lubricated, so it will be constipated.

6. Regular bowel movements every day.

7. A lot of exercise can help your health and prevent constipation!

In addition, supplementation with probiotics is also a good way to promote intestinal health. Recommend a vegetarian capsule probiotic brand.

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I wish you a smooth life!


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