Children are difficult to teach!?

Modern child

With the changes of the times, modern children are getting more and more ideas and their own views. In fact, there are advantages and disadvantages. Benefits or practices are more mature and have their own set of treatments. Bad is too many ideas, often leading to differences with family members, especially during adolescence. I think that the important condition for maintaining parent-child relationship is how to make good use of communication skills. This is related to many factors, which may be the level of education and daily life habits. , environment, etc., but these can be strengthened through practice. Most children have their own ideas. They think there are no problems. Often it is bad that the way to express ideas is wrong. This may be a keynote. Poor non-physical language expressions, such as eyes, expressions, postures, etc., caused many parents to endure and shout, both sides blush, thick neck, even a big man, and both hands are the worst solution, I believe this is not the only solution. In fact, as long as the two sides step back, communication will be very smooth.


As a parent, there is no sense of ‘you must listen to me’ from the beginning, and as a child, you should show respect and solemn attitude, and pay attention to your tone, do not look like a lover. There are no additional points of communication. This is a good preparation before communication. If communication has already taken place and the situation is out of control, then one party may need to suspend the discussion first because it needs to remain calm, but most people will think it is escaping the problem.
In fact, the problem of escaping has not completely withdrawn. Escape is sometimes a communication skill. It allows both parties time to calm down to find the key to the problem, but usually people want to stop, “we should calm down.” But often by the outside party irritated, “you don’t shy away from the problem. It will evolve into a runaway The situation. The loss of control between the two sides is the worst result, and we are not satisfied with it.
In the end, this may be a big fight. At this point, outsiders need help solving the problem. Although this situation is relatively rare, if you often deduct the parent-child relationship, try to let the scene not take this step, not only hurt the body but also hurt the feelings.


In fact, I think that the relationship between parents and children is both good and bad, and both sides have responsibilities. It is definitely not a unilateral issue. Sometimes Dangdang listeners don’t bother to be spokespersons, and the actual “listening” is more helpful than “speaking”. Finally, I wish you all a good parent-child relationship!


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