Japanese longevity secret Natto

Natto is a traditional fermented food in Japan. It is made from soybeans by Bacillus subtilis natto (one of the subspecies of Bacillus subtilis). The soy products made by fermenting the enzymes of the fermentation of the soybeans are rich in flavor. Viscosity, not only preserves the nutritional value of soybeans, is rich in vitamin K2, improves the digestion and absorption rate of protein, and more importantly, it produces a variety of physiologically active substances in the fermentation process, and has the health-care function of dissolving fibrin in the body and other physiological functions.Therefore, it has also become ”Longevity Bean”, which is also the secret of Japanese longevity.

How to make traditional natto

The traditional method is to wrap the steamed soybeans with straw, the straw is immersed in 100-degree boiling water for

sterilization, and kept at 40 degrees Celsius for one day. The common Bacillus subtilis (Bacillus natto) on the straw is heat-resistant due to spores. High degree, the sterilization process is not damaged, the high temperature culture rate can also inhibit other strains, and the soybeans are fermented to produce a viscous filament. This sticky appearance mainly comes from the glutamic acid in the ingredients, which is considered to be natto delicious. origin of. High-quality straw was not easy to obtain in the late twentieth century, and many have been sold in styrofoam or paper containers. Therefore, the modern production method is that the steamed soybeans and the artificially cultivated natto bacteria are mixed and directly fermented in a container, and some foods other than soybeans can also be made into natto.
Bacillus natto is weakly acidic and hinders the production of lactic acid by lactic acid bacteria. Neutral odor has been developed technically, but due to the use of the less viable natto species, it is easy to cause proliferation of other bacteria. In addition, the natural enemies of natto bacteria are bacteriophage viruses that are parasitic on bacteria. When phage begins to act, it will reduce the activity of natto bacteria, and may cause other bacteria to start to breed. Therefore, natto that exceeds the shelf life should be avoided.

What is the effect?

Natto is mainly believed to promote blood circulation and maintain cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health. The study found that nattokinase in natto helps dissolve blood clots and promotes smooth blood circulation, which is helpful for preventing blood clots and maintaining cardiovascular health. Moderate consumption of nattokinase on weekdays can help promote blood circulation and reduce thrombosis, and it can also help prevent vascular dementia.
In addition, natto can also promote calcium absorption, delay bone loss and prevent osteoporosis. Soy is rich in calcium, and its nutrients are more easily digested and absorbed after fermentation. The right amount of food helps to replenish the body’s calcium and help strengthen bones.

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Product intorduction

  • Nattokinase is an enzyme derived from “natto”, a traditional fermented soy food popular in Japan
  • Subtilis natto, a friendly bacteria, ferments boiled soybeans, releasing nattokinase
  • Best Nattokinase contains pure nattokinase enzyme with all vitamin k removed
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Good and bad 

Good:Protect cardiovascular                                     

PRO#1 Lower blood pressure

Nattokinase can dissolve blood clots and cause anticoagulant effects, so it can also dilute blood, increase blood flow and lower blood pressure.

PRO#2 Avoid thrombosis

Nattokinase can dissolve blood clots, prevent thrombosis, and cause stroke or myocardial infarction.

PRO#3 Avoid atherosclerosis

Since the blood pressure is lowered and the blood viscosity is lowered after the blood is diluted, the cardiac load is reduced, and the blood vessel is subjected to a reduced pressure, so that vascular damage can be avoided due to vascular injury.

Bad:Cause bleeding

Although this product is only food grade, it may cause bleeding. If you are taking anticoagulants such as Aspirin, Plavix  etc., you should consult your physician or medical professional!


Doctor’s Best Nattokinase is 785 review, there are 680 comments were positive, 87% of users positive response. In most of the responses, it is effective to lower blood pressure and prevent blood clots. However, the most attractive thing is that a small number of users have side effects such as stomach bleeding and stomach discomfort after using Aspirin and Plavix, but they are using Doctor’s Best Nattokinase . The same effect was achieved afterwards, but the side effects did not appear. I think this may be because Doctor’s Best Nattokinase is a food relationship.

In addition, Doctor’s Best Nattokinase is a vegetarian capsule, which is a great boon for vegan. After all, most health foods rarely have vegan, which is why I recommend it because it is environmentally friendly and more in line with the current trend!

Japanese people’s love for Natto comes from the heart, and the process of Natto mashing the sticky silk before eating Natto has become a pleasure to eat Natto . This seems to be a bit abnormal in the eyes of foreigners. Japanese people who like Natto feel that the more they stick, the more happy they are. Changed the attitude of eating Natto , the taste of Natto is also fascinating.If you want to try Natto , but don’t dare like the Japanese, consider this product, order it now!


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