Uric acid foods avoid

Under normal circumstances, the human body produces about 750 mg of uric acid per day. Among them, 500 mg is excreted by the kidneys and excreted by the urine. The rest is excreted from the large intestine by the bile. When the production and discharge of uric acid cannot be balanced, hyperuricemia is caused.

Hyperuricemia, also known as Gout. It used to happen in wealthy people. In recent years, people have become more prosperous because of their economic prosperity. The disease has gradually become a new civilization. It generally refers to every 100 ml of blood. The uric acid value is greater than 7 mg for men and greater than 6 mg for women. It is usually associated with hypertension, hyperglycemia, and hyperlipidemia.

Causes of high uric acid

Gout is mainly caused by metabolic disorders of the body or excretion of sputum. It forms urinary deposits in the joint cavity or surrounding soft tissue. It causes an inflammatory response. It can cause joint swelling of redness, swelling, fever and severe pain. Usually the patients are mostly male. And more often in adolescence. Women are more likely to occur during menopause.
Common reasons: 1. Ingest foods that contain too much purine food, or contain too much or excessive protein intake. 2. Due to cell breakdown, such as: leukemia, malignant tumor, hemolytic anemia, chemotherapy.
“Drinking” is the most common cause of gout. Because it rapidly produces a large amount of lactic acid accumulation in the body’s metabolism, leading to acid-base imbalance in the body. So-called “tophi” is easily formed at the joints. Causes gout to occur.


Usually affects the joints in the farther – thumb.
It is characterized by acute attacks, pain, and repeated offenses of the joints of the feet. The second is the back of the foot, the heel, the knee joint, the shoulder. Usually it occurs at night. The symptoms develop rapidly. The slight contact is painful even if wearing socks. endure.

Course development:

1 .Asymptomatic hyperuricemia: follow diet control without special treatmentAfter the acute gout period, the blood uric acid is high, but the patient is asymptomatic.

2.Acute gouty arthritis: the first weight inhibits the inflammatory reaction and relieves pain. It can be applied to ice and given anti-inflammatory painkillers.Sodium urate crystals are deposited in the joint cavity, causing swelling around one or more joints. Sometimes sleeping in the middle of the night or early morning. Sudden onset, severe pain, cold sweat, unable to fall asleep, painful and so on.

3.Intermittent period without seizure: find out the cause and keep track of it. It mainly prevents recurrence of arthritis and destruction of renal parenchyma.Symptoms disappear easily and are ignored. Do not pay attention to control uric acid.

4.Gout and chronic arthritis: Irregular medication. severely crystallized deposits at the joints. The formation of large nodular swelling (gout stone). Cause joint destruction or compression of nerves caused by neuropathy.

How to prevent Gout ?

(1) diet control: uric acid is too high, of course, to reduce the production of uric acid. Avoid eating too much purine food is the most common practice. So what is purine? Simply put, purine is the metabolite after you eat it.

Contains high purity food: animal organs (such as: chicken liver, chicken intestines, pig liver, pig small intestine, etc.), fish, seafood, soup and so on.

(2) Weight control: It should be kept within the standard body weight as much as possible, but it should not be reduced in the acute onset period, because the tissue breakdown metabolites in the body will increase uric acid during weight loss.

(3) Controlling protein intake: Adults take one kilogram of protein per kilogram of body weight per day as a standard.

(4) Drink plenty of water to help uric acid metabolism.

(5) Avoid drinking alcohol: alcohol will increase uric acid in the blood. Increase the chance of gout attack. If there is already gout, pay attention to drink less beer. Because beer will increase the chance of acute gout attack.

(6) Drink less sugary drinks: Studies have shown that people who drink more than two sugary drinks a day have an 85% more chance of suffering from gout than those who do not drink.

(7) Less oil: too much fat (fat) intake will reduce uric acid metabolism. Increase the chance of gout attack. Usually should reduce the consumption of fried food.

(8) Eat more antioxidant foods: such as cherries, blueberries, broccoli, etc. It is beneficial to reduce uric acid.

Eating more fruits and vegetables is good for your health. Keeping regular exercise and normal work and rest is the best way to prevent Gout.


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