Vitamin A benefits

Vitamin A is also known as ”anti-dry eye vitamin”. Although not as popular as vitamin D. But don’t underestimate. If the body is missing, it will cause big problems! Vitamin A is one of the essential nutrients for humans. The precursor of vitamin A is carotenoids found in a variety of plants.

(Small knowledge: The family of carotene has more than 600 members. About 50 of them are common in food. The most important ones are alpha-carotene and beta-carotene. They come from yellow and orange fruits and vegetables. Such as carrots, papayas and pumpkins, etc. Green vegetables such as kale, broccoli also contain carotene. Stored in the lungs, adrenal glands, prostate and yellow areas of the eye. Carotene can activate vitamin A. Prevent night blindness and Vision loss can also moisturize the eyes. Prevent eye inflammation, and prevent and improve macular degeneration, cataract, dry eye, eye fatigue and other eye problems. It is very important to protect the eyes. Many studies have shown that eating more carrots Vegetarians (especially beta-carotene foods) help reduce the chance of developing yellow spots.)
Vitamin A is not a single compound. There are many different types. Animals can convert carotene into vitamin A in the body and store it in the liver. It is usually present in the form of alcohols. Called ”retinol”, activity is also the highest. But some are also aldehydes, called ”retinal”; others are acids, called ”retinoic acid”.
Retinol and retinal mainly regulate the visual cycle of rod cells. The retinoic acid is mainly related to the differentiation of epithelial tissues in the human body. Therefore, some retinoic acid derivatives (commonly known as A acid) are often used in the treatment of skin diseases. There is also a retinyl ester. It is the main form of fat-soluble vitamin A in the human body.

Why should I add vitamin A?

Vitamin A is a component of the photoreceptor in the retina. It is a nutrient that protects the eyes and enhances vision. If it is lacking, it will cause epidermal keratinization of the conjunctiva. This will block the lacrimal gland. This leads to dry eye syndrome. Even caused conjunctivitis. Insufficient vitamin A can cause night blindness. Because of the lack of photoreceptors in the retina.

Vitamin A is also a regulator of bone marrow cell differentiation. The regulation of vitamin A is required for hematopoietic cells including bone marrow. Vitamin A is also required for epithelial tissue differentiation.

How to add it?

It only contains vitamin A supplements. It is a relatively rare type. It is easier for us to see the trace of vitamin A in the compound product. But when choosing vitamin A health foods. It is important to confirm that the product contains vitamin A or beta-carotene. Why do you say that? This is because excessive intake of vitamin A can cause toxicity. But beta-carotene won’t. Therefore, when choosing such products, you must pay special attention to whether vitamin A or beta-carotene is used. The method of judgment is very simple. Please go straight to see the food ingredient list!

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Product intorduction

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      Good and bad


      PRO#1: Prevent cancer!?

      Cancer is a cell abnormal mutation. Want to prevent cell mutations. It is necessary to prevent the gene from being disturbed first. To prevent gene interference. It is necessary to prevent the increase of free radicals first. Beta Carotene is one of the carotenoids. Not the same as other antioxidants. Because its molecular structure is special. Carotenoids can tolerate 10 to 20 attacks of free radicals. So carotenoids can trap free radicals. When carotenoids are resistant to free radicals. Other antioxidants can make the defense network more complete. But it violates the normal state of nature. Eat a lot of nutrients. May increase the risk of cancer. The most suitable physiological requirement for the species is the natural and complete food!

      PRO#2: Protect eyes

      Beta-carotene can promote the normal content of rhodopsin. Avoid the lack of vitamin A caused by dark field adaptation. It also avoids damage to the eyes caused by strong light after dark vision. It can also prevent night blindness, dry eye, corneal ulcer and corneal softening.


      Beta-carotene can neutralize peroxidic free radicals in the body. This can delay aging.


      Excessive consumption can cause carotenodermia. But it is harmless to the human body. Only the skin will be pigmented.

      Bad#2:Increase the risk of cancer

      Studies have shown that overdose increases the risk of cancer.


      This product has 310 reviews. Of these, 269 were positive comments. Accounted for 86.77%. Most comments indicate that taking this product can boost your spirit. But there are also a few who don’t feel it. If you are a vegetarian you want to add nutrients. You can consider purchasing this product.


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