Is young healthy?

I once said that I am a medical staff. I have been worked in the intensive care unit. When it comes to the intensive care unit, everyone is generally impatient. Into the fierce and ill, the meeting time is very short, there are two mysterious doors, do not know What are you doing inside? Wait. In short, being informed by the doctor to live in the intensive care unit is like being sentenced to death. But my qualifications are still shallow. However, some of the more impressive cases still want to share with you. Hope Can you let people know more about what these two mysterious doors are doing? What kind of treatment are the patients facing?

Young is the capital, but it really has the money?

The patient may make you feel that you are already walking beside the impermanent cliff. Many modern people have headaches, but usually they don’t go to see it because of this. At most, take a painkiller and take a break. I think it may be too tired or too stressful. But the body’s response to the warning is really just to tell you that the pressure is too big? This is a 28-year-old patient. In 105 years On November 11th, seizures fell on the road. You will be mistaken if you walk on the road. You will be sent to the emergency department by the passers-by. The coma index is 6 points. There is no pupil reflex. Because it is Hong Kong people, so the family is in Abroad, only the fiancee who is about to get married is next to him, of course, immediately sent to the operating room to prepare for surgery. The same day, the younger brother is a class of 12 hours. About 9 o’clock in the evening, the operation is to push the bed (meaning the patient has finished the opearation) Can be taken back to the intensive care unit) The patient is sent in just like the previous patient sorting the tubing, drawing blood, adjusting the machine settings, etc. The only difference is because the patient is finished with the knife. So the surgeon usually Will come to see the patient’s situation. The focus of attention. Usually it is not to say anything. It is to control blood pressure or what medicine to use. But this time the surgeon is the patient’s attending physician. He only said “will die.” If you are wrong, you will die. 28 Years old and ”will die” draw the equal sign. What about the  30-year-old “grand-year-old”?

Why is it so serious?

What is mean a 28-year-old body condition actually very good?Although the brain is bleeding a lot, the other organs of the body are very good. Just because the family is in Hong Kong, only the fiancee is with her brother. It’s not the time to talk about the donation. Just watching the fiancee crying beside the bed, it’s also awkward. What makes people wonder why the 28-year-old young man’s cerebral hemorrhage is so serious?It turns out that patients with family members usually have headaches, but they have never been treated. They often feel painless to see. This will cause irreparable regrets. The wounds continue to ooze. The heartbeat and blood pressure are higher and lower. Of course, the family still wants to rescue. In the end, the case mother returned to Taiwan in the next day. I was told that I had been in the morning. I finally decided to donate the organ. I was pushed to the operating room for organ removal on November 15. I ended my life at the age of 28.


From the above cases, you can find that when the body has symptoms, even if it is only a mild symptom, it should also be alert. Early detection. Early treatment. Avoid regrets. Finally, I wish you good health.


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